Nonagon Green and Pink, Clare Willard, polyester and plywood, 2014

Clare Willard trained in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art (UK) and went on to translate traditional shyrdak textile  techniques into laminate and plywood.  Her stunning, vibrant pieces have a fluidity and joy that work on any scale.  As a result, she sells small sought-after fashion pieces and undertakes large scale architectural commissions.

As for several artists in The Geometrics, Sonia Delaunay and Bridget Riley’s vibrant rules of ‘simultaneity’ are close to Willard’s colourful compositions. For further discussion of her work and influences see The Geometrics: Volume 1.

Recent exhibitions include Origin, Margo Selby Gallery and Made in the Middle.The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Aspex Gallery and New Ashgate Gallery and Origin.


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