Richard McVetis


Five O’Clock Shadow, Richard McVetis, stitch on wool, 2013



Richard McVetis is a London-based artist.  Richard’s exquisite work communicates an intimacy and attention to detail that draws you in. His very collectible pieces hold a functional effect both as container for the artist and viewer: both are carried by the all-encompassing, contemplative quality of the work. 

“Repetition, the methodical, the meticulous, the obsessive, all describes a desire in myself to have control. I create an assemblage of ideas that explore repeat shapes, the geometry of architecture, constructivism, minimalism, and the interaction with scale and human proportion,” Richard writes. Beneath the intimacy and delicacy of the work lies a tangible structural contemplation where scale, meaning and identity are worked through, processed and expressed.  

For further details of his work and influences see The Geometrics: Volume 2.

Recent exhibitions include the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011, as selected  by Iwona Blazwick, Director, Whitechapel Gallery; Tim Marlow, writer, broadcaster and Director of Exhibitions, White Cube; and Rachel Whiteread, artist.




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