Evelin Kasikov

CYMK squares, Evelin Kasikov, rayon on paper, 2014



Evelin Kasikov‘s work sings off the page.  There is a dimensionality and resonance in the work that is unique to the combination of CMYK colour models and hand embroidery. As the technology is made for graphics and print media, the work has a familiarity and vibrancy that is immediately engaging and readable; yet the yarn-based media throws perception awry and makes the work infintely tactile and inviting even as a purely digital entity.

As Kasikov writes, “Squares is first piece in a new series of geometric works. Each work is based on a polygon shape: square, triangle, pentagon, hexagon or octagon. The simple two-dimensional shape is then morphed into more complex graphics using Adobe Illustrator. The structure behind the works is always the same – there are 9 main shapes consisting of 20 lines. Rich textures are created by modifying line weights and colours. Squares uses CMYK colour model where Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colours blend in the middle of work. Hexagons is based on pairs of complementary colours: red/green, yellow/purple and blue/orange. The series combines mathematical precision with hand embroidery. It is essentially an exercise in form, colour and rhythm. The project aims to make a connection between digital and handmade and explore new visual possibilities it creates.”

For more on her work and inspiration see The Geometrics: Volumes 2.

Evelin’s exhibitions include: BLACK & BLUE Illuminations, The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London 2014, Pick Me Up Graphic Art Festival, Somerset House, London 2013, Fresh Prints, UAL Showroom, London 2013, The Threads That Bind Us, Plusdesign Gallery, Salone del Mobile, Milan 2012, Dezeen Platform, London Design Festival 2011, The Art of Lost Words, Gallery Peninsula Arts, Plymouth 2011, Ornamental, Red Gate Gallery, London 2010 & Craft Meets Music, Clerkenwell Design Week, Craft Central, London 2010



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