Geometrics 2, Photo by Cristina Schek (1058)

Emma Neuberg (L), curator and director of Slow Textiles Group, and Daisy McMullan (R), curator, at Textiles Hub London in July 2014, London


“Embedded in The Geometrics’ artists’ work is complexity, multiplicity and symbolic language.   Words are not enough to express the plethora of hues, ambiences and interactions that exist in subjective and social experience.  The moving image, layering of parts and colour simultaneity are all enticing expressions of the complexity of psychology, thought and being. The driving forces that lie behind the creation of all this tactile activity demonstrate the need to express that which is beyond words,” Emma Neuberg, director of the Slow Textiles Group, writes on their former blog.

Perhaps this is why textile design activity has been so slow to be pushed into the limelight and be presented and analysed as the exciting, engaging, concurrent, communicative medium, beyond fashion, domesticity, fibre arts, feminist art and ethnography, that it is. The Geometrics Volumes are designed to do this.



Daisy McMullan is an independent curator.  With a background in fine art, she completed an MA in curating at Chelsea College of Art & Design 2011/12.  Following the MA, she was awarded the Ashley Family Foundation Research Fellowship at CHELSEA space,  Chelsea College of Art & Design for 2012/13. and the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Research Fellowship 2013.14.  She currently works at CHELSEA space, assisting with the exhibitions, events and public programme.  She also co-curated an exhibition at CHELSEA space’s sister gallery, Chelsea Futurespace.

Dr Emma Neuberg is director of Slow Textiles Group, a physical and intellectual platform for putting great textile design and designers on the map.  It is an open membership group that relies upon dialogue, timetabled structures and business offerings to galvanize a group of textile design graduates, researchers and professionals into creative action.  This action manifests itself in the form of exhibitions, teaching, workshops, books, texts, educational curricula, sketchbooks, commercial designs, tutorials, online broadcasts and personal dialogue, inspiration and motivation.

Neuberg graduated from the Royal College of Art with a PhD in Printed Textiles in 2000.  An artist (Young Masters Art Prize and Jerwood Makers Prize nominations) and award-winning designer (see and, respectively), a textile design tutor at the V&A and External Examiner at the Royal College of Art, she works to establish an independent space for textile design dialogue, ideation, community and collaboration. One of the central tenets of John Thakara’s sustainable design futures tome, In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World , is helping real people, in real places. The Slow Textiles Group is founded upon this principle relying upon a relational ‘Let’s do it!’ approach to creativity, dialogue, community and design.
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